This SEO JSON-LD – Article plugin supports rich snippets for articles using JSON-LD technology, which helps search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo distinguish the content of articles. As for the add-on, it depends mainly on the addition of Yoast or the addition of All in one seo Pack in the way it works I mean, if you are writing the titles and description of your article through the plugins we mentioned here, the SEO JSON-LD – Article will use that information that you have specified and display as rich excerpts, and if you do not write it, it will automatically create those things

For people who use AMP, this add-on takes full control of the rich snippets pre-installed with AMP.

The plugin SEO JSON-LD – Article is also important for subscribers to Google News because it suggests rich snippets using JSON-LDFor more details, please visit the SEO JSON-LD – Article plugin page in the store

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