Best sites to test your site speed

Who among us does not want his site to be fast browsing for his visitors, of course, this speed will be very useful for us and visitors to the blog, and to know whether your site achieves that required speed, you will need tools that help you analyze the performance and speed of your site

The purpose of this post is that we will need these sites in future posts, God willing, to notice changes while we develop the blog to speed up its browsing

As for the sites, there are several distinct sites that will be of great benefit to us to do a full analysis of the site and know its speed

Web Page Test

WebPageTest - WordPress Magazine was developed by AOL and later published for the benefit of website owners. In fact, this site is wonderfully distinguished as it shows you a list of servers located in different places in the world to test the speed of your site and also allows you to choose the browser you want to experiment with and other advanced settings I will let you discover on your own and do not forget you can also try the mobile version


GTmetrix - WordPress Magazine

As for, it depends on the plugins YSlow and PageSpeed . As for YSlow, it was designed by the Yahoo development team, and PageSpeed ​​was designed by Google, and perhaps that’s why GTmetrix used them to offer performance analysis and browsing speed. In fact, this idea eliminates the need to install add-ons in your browser.


PingDom Tools - WordPress Magazine

This site also you can use to know the speed of loading pages on your site in detail for you a file separately such as javascripts, CSS files, images, flash, abstracts, etc.

These are other sites that have the same role, but for me I like to use the sites I mentioned and you are free to choose

  2. Slowcop
  3. Ping Brigade
  4. BrowserMob
  5. WebSlug


This post, as we mentioned previously, will be used in future posts, God willing, and the next post, God willing, will be a non-literal translation of the best practical applications for increasing the speed of the site provided by the Yahoo development team and entitled Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site .

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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