WordPress password recovery protection

I wrote this topic because I am tired of the messages that I receive regarding recovering the password for my site, which seems to some of you to be an insignificant matter and is led by the famous sentence that comes with the message “If this request was in error, just ignore this message and … Read more

Explanation of the W3 Total Cache plugin settings

In this post, God willing, we will explain the important settings for adding w3 total cache with an explanation of each feature and the role it plays. Of course, from the name of the add-on, we know that it specializes in cache work and also helps in cdn settings, such as adding wp super cache, which … Read more

Fix crawl errors for search engines

According to what I read in Google’s help documentation, many crawl errors may cause a decrease in Google’s search engine crawl rate for your site, and perhaps the same applies to other search engines, so you should pay attention to these things. In this post, we will discuss fixing crawl errors, which may have several … Read more