How to make and store backups for WordPress

Making WordPress backups is one of the necessary things that many bloggers who use WordPress script overlook, and this process has many answers in the event of problems, and among the latter is if you are upgrading WordPress and something went wrong and you deleted files or you were modifying something on the site By … Read more

Solve the problem of coding in WordPress templates

I liked to talk about the coding problem that I faced before when I localized one of the templates that I offered to one of the brothers Zaman, and I also faced the same problem with the templates that were designed. This problem lies in two lines in the template and they are responsible for it. … Read more


This SEO JSON-LD – Article plugin supports rich snippets for articles using JSON-LD technology, which helps search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo distinguish the content of articles. As for the add-on, it depends mainly on the addition of Yoast or the addition of All in one seo Pack in the way it works I mean, … Read more