5 important tips to protect WordPress

Today, after a long absence from the blogosphere, I want to touch on some tips that will help you to increase the protection of WordPress well. You have many sites in the server) It is not far-fetched, like the situation I am in now, the important thing is that I took some precautions that may … Read more

Yahoo Tips for Best Practices to Speed ​​Up Sites

A simple summary or perhaps a non-literal translation of this article, which contains 35 tips for speeding up websites. I only touched here on 26 tips that I promised you before when I talked about the best websites to measure your website browsing speed . The important thing is that I tried to summarize this article as much … Read more

ALT alt text fix for WordPress images

When uploading images via WordPress in the default mode, the alt text “ALT” for images is not specified automatically. Images must be available even if no text is specified, in other words, an empty tag alt=”” In this case, no errors will appear when checking the standard specifications for a particular article, but it is … Read more