CloudFlare service to protect and speed up the performance of your WordPress blog

In this post, God willing, we will talk about the distinguished cloudflare service in every sense of the word, which will help your site to speed up and protect it well from several aspects that we will talk about later. What is important is this service that you will really benefit from from my personal experience and this is a video in which you will know what the service does

CloudFlare service to protect and speed up the performance of your WordPress blog

I would like to point out that the service is not only specific to the owners of WordPress blogs, but it is general, that is, all sites can be used. Without exception, provided that you have a paid domain and you can use the free domain, I think I have not tried it

  1. Visit CloudFlare ‘s website
  2. The source of the images used in the explanation is from the AppStorm site

Create a CloudFlare account

To create an account in the CloudFlare service, all the site will ask you for is your email, for example (Gmail) first, and then asks you to choose any member name and password. Of course, this stage will not take one minute, but you must activate the account from the mail in order to move to the next stages.

cloudfront signup - WordPress Magazine

Add your first website domain name

The first stage is to add your site’s domain name in the CloudFlare service settings after you activate the account by mail. After you add your site, the CloudFlare service identifies your existing DNS records and the service tries to copy them on its own without any intervention from you

cloudflare add domain - WordPress Magazine

The process takes about 60 seconds and below you will see a timer for how long it takes to copy your domain’s DNS information, and you will also see a video showing which applications CloudFlare is using. After the timer expires, a button will appear, press it to go to the second step

cloudflare dns record - WordPress Magazine

Verify your domain’s domain records (DNS Records)

In the next step, you will be presented with a list of your DNS records from which you can keep or delete the records you want to make sure that they are the same as the current DNS Recors settings for your domain. (If you are not sure of it, contact your host) Then you can move to the next step

cloudflare chek missing dns records - WordPress Magazine

Click on

CloudFlare Setup Your DNS - WordPress Magazine

Here the last list of your domain records will be displayed and categorized by type and once we verify that they are correct this stage will be completed and the records will be added to the CloudFlare DNS RocorsYou will notice the addition of a subdomain named direct and the latter so that you can bypass the cloudflare network and connect to your server in case you want to use ftp, SSH or Telnet, for example because you will not be able to enter the server through the domain name only because we will change the DNS

cloudflare final list dns records - WordPress Magazine

Website domain name update

At this stage, you will need to name your site’s domain name to the new DNS server names that you will get by cloudFlare, so here you will need to enter the control panel of your domain name in each domain reseller has its own control panel and I will not explain each one separately for this we will take one example

cloudflare edit dns setting for domain - WordPress Magazine
cloudflare new dns server - wordpress magazine

The domains that you see in the image will be obtained from the last step in the CloudFlare settings, as in the following image. Insert them and save the new settings for your site’s domain.

cloudflare final step - WordPress Magazine

After a domain name update, it will take up to 24 hours for the DNS changes to be saved

cloudflare domain statu - WordPress Magazine

Google analytics

The important thing is that we take a final step before the service is finally activated, which is to add the code for Google analytics so that you can monitor your site visits from CloudFlare in an elegant and beautiful way. You will also find this feature within the service applications

cloudflare analytics - WordPress Magazine


So far, I have not talked about any features of this service. I will leave it for an upcoming post, but God willing, in the next post, we will talk about CloudFlare settings because they are somewhat large and I cannot put them in one post.

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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