CloudFlare settings explained

In this post, we will discuss all the DNS settings in order to get acquainted with their important characteristics and also to know how to deal with these settings when you want to modify something on your important site.

In order to enter the cloudFlare settings, do the following:

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Then you will be taken to the settings page in order to adjust it according to your desire. It contains many important and important settings. Now we will discuss all these settings.

CloudFlare Account Type

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There are two types of free accounts paid you can compare the two plans of this page plans plans even if there was a difference in the most important characteristics , but it can be offset by example , for advanced protection find this added WordPress FireWall 2 that we talked about previously have the same role played by cloudflare in its plan Paid for protection. As for the other features, you will have to do it yourself, even if it is tiring, and I will not talk about it now. As for the price of the paid service, $20 for the first domain per month and $5 for the rest of the domains

Basic Security Level

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In this feature, you will find options for adjusting the basic level of protection for Cloudflare, which are different from one type to another according to their importance, and they are as follows:

  1. low security: low security that displays the challenge page only to the most threatening visitors to your site
  2. High security: This strong protection displays a challenge page to all visitors who have made threats to your site within the last 14 days.
  3. Essentially off: This type of protection only works against the most dangerous visitors to your site
  4. medium: If you do not know what kind of protection will suit your site, just choose this type of protection at first

Caching Level

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Here we adjust the level of the cache settings for CloudFlare and it has two different settings, which are as follows:

  1. Basic Setting: It will make a cache for most of the fixed files, for example, images, format files, and JavaScript….
  2. Aggressive Setting: It will also make a cache for most static files and files that use queries, for example, the TimThumb script



Using aggressive feature can cause problems for some WordPress plugins, as it happened to me for adding ajax-wp-postviews I’m not sure but I didn’t notice that when I used this feature and after removing it the problem solved

Minimum Expire TTL

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For this feature, the time required for CloudFlare’s cache to remain on the visitors’ machines. Here is the highest value that will guarantee you a faster loading of your site for visitors, but if you update anything on your site, it will not be updated until the period you specified expires, which means the updates will be slow and it is recommended that you use 4 hours according to what was mentioned on the site

This is information about  TTL

Auto Minify (Web Optimization)

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For this feature it is still a beta version and it automatically shrinks your javascript and css files for your site. The process will speed up the loading of site pages and this feature will remove all unimportant characters and symbols such as the comments that are in CSS files and spaces. The feature works on both JavaScript and format files without changing their functions

For me, I did not use it until I do it myself, because such methods need to be tried by yourself, because they are not accurate in some cases.

Rocket Loader™ (Web Optimization)

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As for this feature, it is only specific to JavaScript. It makes the JavaScript download simultaneously, that is, at the same time, it loads all the JavaScript files. Frankly, this feature was turned off, but after I looked at its features from CloudFlare’s blog, I activated it and made it automatically. This post is to know the features of this service. How CloudFlare Rocket Loader Redefines the Modern CDN It is important for two methods: automatic or manual. You must add to all files that use this tag:

 <script data-cfasync="true" src="/javascript.js"></script>

Note if you use the manual method, data-cfasync must be the first symbol in the tag as in the above code

Challenge Passage TTL

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In this feature, you must specify the period for which the visitor can enter your site each time to complete the verification process, meaning that the visitor will be presented with the verification page. He must enter the characters created by CAPTCHA. The cloudflare recommends using a period of 15-45 minutes. In fact, I did not like this method, so I recently extended it to a month

Customize Challenge Page

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For this feature, you modify the style of the verification page, the changes take 30 minutes to be saved on the cloudflare network. In fact, I tried this method, and I tried to edit it, but it did not work for me, so I left it as it is without any modification, and the page is as follows:

cloudflare challenge - WordPress Magazine

Image source used is from

Advanced Security (Web Application Firewall)

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This feature is for the paid account, so you will find it in the default off mode, and this feature can be replaced in addition to what we talked about earlier in WordPress Firewall 2 to protect against SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities

Website Preloader

This feature is also one of the most important features of cloudflare, but it is only for paid account holders, as it downloads files in the background without feeling after the first page has been loaded, which will make browsing the rest of the pages fast for a visitor. By default you will find it off

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Outbound Links

You can keep track of all external links that visitors go to. You will find it in the analytics page at the bottom and this is an example from my site

CloudFlare Analytics Outbonds - WordPress Magazine

In the default mode, you find it effective. If you want to disable it, you only have to change the button to off

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E-mail Address Obfuscation

This feature confuses bots that send annoying messages from getting mail names that are visible on your site, for example, if one of your visitors puts his mail in a comment or a post here, this mail will be hidden on the bots and will remain visible only to visitors

cloudflare012 - WordPress Magazine
cloudflare012 - WordPress Magazine
cloudflare012 - WordPress Magazine

This feature is in the default mode effective if you want to disable it, you just have to drag the button towards off

Server Side Exclude (SSE)

This feature automatically hides your site for visitors who try to hack your site, and if you want to work, you must add this tag to your site

<!–sse–> Bad visitors won't see my phone number, 555-555-5555 <!–/sse–>

Modify the text inside the tag as you like. This feature is also active by default, and to disable it, you just have to drag the button to the off side.

Always Online

One of the most wonderful features offered by this service is to make your site always online, even if a problem occurs in your hosting server, your site will remain open for visitors to browse, meaning that in this case you will not lose your visitors.

The feature is effective in the default mode and do not disable it in order not to lose the most important features of this service

IP Geolocation

This service is to determine the geolocation of your visitors. I don’t know much about this feature. You may use it by WordPress plugins to know the geographical location of the important visitors’ IP. This feature also comes activated. Do not disable it. It may be useful to you or something like that.

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Google Analytics

cloudflare ensures that you add analytics code on all your website pages. You can browse the statistics of your site through the cloudflare analitycs control panel in an elegant and beautiful way, for this you must enter the code for your site in the analytics settings by clicking on the following button:

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You will be redirected to the cloudflare applications page. At the bottom of the page, you will find the place to insert the Analytics code, as in the following image below. Insert your code and update by clicking on the update button.

Performance Security Apps for Any Website CloudFlare Apps - WordPress Magazine

Browser Integrity Check

This feature, and God knows best, checks dangerous signatures from the header of visitors’ browsers. If you find that these signatures are dangerous, the visitor will be blocked. In fact, there are dangerous signatures and may sometimes carry dangerous queries from the database, which is called SQL injection vulnerabilities. This is an important and useful feature that you must Let it be effective

cloudflare012 - WordPress MagazineHotlink Protection

This feature is if you want to prevent other sites from using images from your site directly on their sites.

cloudflare012 - WordPress MagazineCache Purge

You force cloudflare to clear all cache files it has on its servers and search for new versions of files on your site. Use it when you change anything on your site.

Development Mode

This feature makes your site temporarily in development mode and it skips the cloudflare cache and makes the site slow, but it is useful if you are modifying static files such as images, format files, etc. If you make a development mode, after 3 hours it is automatically disabled again

end of transmitter

These are all the settings for the cloudflare. The important thing is that all the rest of the special applications will be discussed in a separate topic, but most of these applications are not free. If there is any query please put a comment? And don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list, thank you very much

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