Firefox add on firebug to modify wordpress templates

This post was written by me due to the many requests for modifications to some things in the template in terms of shape and it is directed only to people who are beginners or have simple knowledge in the field of css or html. Preview changes directly or add another formatThe add-on you can learn many things from it, and you can fix errors with it, and you can discover even JavaScript errors with it. The important thing is that it has awesome features that helped me a lot in mastering css and fixing jquery problems. Try to get used to using it, as this addition will make you add to your knowledge balance a lot of useful things for you in this field

The add-on is for the FireFox browser, and this is the link to its page to download it: Firebug AddOn

The important thing is that I do not prolong you. This is a video that I made to explain only how some things can be modified and how you can access them

Firefox add on firebug to modify wordpress templates

To watch the best HD

I just explained how the files are changed and how you know the name of the file that you are going to change the format in. I just did not save any changes to my files

May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

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