How to add the official Facebook share button to WordPress

When I visited the Facebook site, I noticed that there was no share button with the list of many add-ons on the Facebook add-ons page, and I was very surprised why it was not shown in the list of add-ons. After a few days of searching on Facebook until I found a tool to test the JavaScript Test Console, if I find a list that includes fb:share-button, and here I finally found what I needed 🙂 Since it is in the test list, it means that Facebook still supports this button, perhaps from my point of view it was not included In the list of additions because it is not used by many sites, or the site finds that the Like button is better than it, and God knows.The share button has been returned again to the list of additions on the Facebook website. I do not know when it was added. This is the page to add the share button

It is recommended to create an application because I noticed that when I use this button, an application number appears, which may be a default application from Facebook. In the event that you want to create an application, you should review the post ( How to manage Facebook comments via WordPress ) in which you will find the way to create

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