Solve the problem of private fields by adding hotfix

Today with a problem that is not simple for those who always use private fields because they will have to save the post every time they add a private field to make sure that the private field works, and this problem appeared in the latest version 3.4.2 of WordPress. It may be patched in the next version of it and may wait for this day. I will offer you an addition that will help you solve some future problems for WordPress before the update is released, which is the hotfix additionThis plugin was discontinued almost two years ago, so there is no need to install it. Just update WordPress.

As we said earlier, it may take a long time for updates to come to WordPress and you are eagerly waiting for a solution to your problem. This is due to the official WordPress site because it does not display only one update, but rather waits until there are many updates, including security and software, but problems are solved as they occur and placed in the development site core.trac until the release of a sub-version or a new version, according to the developments they make

It is important to add, as we said, its role only is to solve future problems that have been put forward in WordPress Trac

Plugin page:

The installation method is easy, either by the WordPress method automatically or use the traditional method by downloading the plugin and uploading it to the plugins folder and activating itThe official WordPress upgrade is a must, and it does not depend only on the plugin.

To see the things that the plugin fixes, you should visit the following link: changelog hotfix

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