Solve the problem of uploading images in WordPress 3.3

Today, with the solution to the problem of uploading images in the new sub-version of WordPress 3.3, which was solved in a new way to upload files via flash with drag and drop technology, the important thing is not about the new suit of WordPress, but to the problem of the disappearance or deletion of files after uploading them directly, and this is after many unsuccessful attempts I had to use the official WordPress forums because there is no exact solution to this problem

Problem: uploading pictures

The problem in this case, of course, is when you upload an image, a blank appears, meaning the name appears, but the image does not appear. I checked the uploads folder for the image that you uploaded, but there is no. This is evidence that it is deleted directly when uploading, or it is not transferred to the uploads folder when uploading. Frankly, I do not know the mechanism of uploading files, how exactly it is done, but as for the method of transferring to the uploads folder, what made me doubt it is that I read the error_log and found that after the functions are disabled:

  1. get_cfg_var()
  2. set_time_limit()
  3. copy()

The problem may be in one of these functions, and God knows best, and these are the pictures of the problem

image upload problem

The solution

This solution that I will present is only temporary, because if you encounter this problem, you must write to the host to solve it for me, things are fine and there is no problem

First, I must point out a solution that was presented in the list of problems in the official WordPress forum, Troubleshooting WordPress 3.3 – Master List, which is to empty the browser cache, but this solution did not work for me

The important temporary solution is to install the WP Flash Uploder plugin, and when I used this plugin, the images were uploaded without problems. All you have to do is install the extension and go to edit a specific post and then do this from the same place to upload the files, click on it, the file upload window will open, choose the upload by WP Flash Uploder as in the following image

wp flash uploader step1 - WordPress Magazine

After uploading the file, you will find it in the media library. It will not appear directly in the photo gallery, so you will have to enter the media library from the same window, and so this problem will be temporarily resolved until you send your hosting to solve the problem

Plugin Page: WP Flash UploaderAfter the successful upload of the files, I was frankly free about the cause of the problem. I was saying maybe the functions, but the functions are still disabled, and with this, the files were uploaded. I concluded from this that the problem may be in the WordPress upload tool, and God knows, although I upgraded the blog again and disabled all plugins and changed the template, but the problem still exists


Here we have finished the problem of uploading images, and this is the temporary solution that I came up with, and I hope it will be useful until the hosting is sent, or a new sub-version 3.3.1 is issued, or the cause of the problem is found by someone else.

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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