The final solution to the problem of uploading files to the WordPress 3.3 blog

Explanation of the solution to the problem of uploading files for WordPress 3.3 and the previous version for those who suffer from this matter and he recently talked about it in a post entitled “ Solving the problem of uploading images in WordPress 3.3”, in which I expressed my confusion because of the problem, which was about PHP functions that were disabled, and this was indeed the main reason This problem, which every time I think about it, the more I try over and over to find a solution to it. Also, what prompted me to this is that some brothers prefer to go back to the old version because there is no solution to this problem. Even the foreign sites did not have positive solutions. Except for one solution in the Official WordPress Scarves User  robhough not Pay attention to him at all until I passed today, which made me remember is talk about activating the security situation in the Arab Alastdavc and its problems Ketarh. The important thing is that the solution will be presented directly because we already know the cause of the problemBrothers, please pay attention to an important matter. This solution concerns only people who suffer from the problem referred to in the pictures below. I mean, when they upload the image, it appears in 0x0 size or not at all.

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Solve the problem of uploading files

Of course, it is to disable Safe Mode and the method is easy and simple and will be using php.ini and htaccess. All you have to do is follow these steps:

The first step

Create a file named php.ini in the main folder of the blog, taking into account the path of the WordPress folder, each one and where WordPress is installed.

safe_mode = Off
upload_tmp_directory = /home/User/public_html/wp-content/tmp

The first line is important, we have disabled the sword mod. For the second line, we have specified the tmp folder in which the temporary files that we talked about will be placed in order to solve the problem of displaying the FTP connection here. You must create this folder and give it permission 775 or 777 and do not forget to change the user according to the path of your site

The important thing in this case, the sword mod will only be disabled in the main folder, so we will need a quick way to apply this to all subfolders and the solution is the following

step two

Here we will protect the php.ini file to prevent access to it and apply the php.ini file to all subfolders using htaccess. All you have to do is create a file named htaccess. Do not forget to make sure that a file exists beforehand, and then add the following code:

<Files php.ini>
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all
suPHP_ConfigPath /home/user/public_html

We first protected the file by preventing access to it, whether from inside or outside the server. Secondly, we used the suPHP model of Apache to apply the php.ini file to all files and subfolders. For more information about this model, please review the settings page of the official website suPHP Apache module that’s all and congratulations on you solution the problemIf the error 500 Internal Server Error appears, then know that the  suPHP Apache module is not activated in the server, remove the last line from php.ini, but in this case the method will not work unless you copy the php.ini file in all folders and God help youAn important note for the one who did not benefit from the method, he must write to the hosting in order to perform this operation for him, because he must have php.ini activated in your account

end of transmitter

My doubt was in place regarding the Safe Mode, and thank God I found a solution because the problem exhausted me and puzzled me at the same time, but with some experiments, the method worked. Here we have finished the problem of uploading files. I hope the solution will be useful for you. See you in another post, God willing

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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