What is the CDN service and the best sites that provide this service?

In this post, God willing, we will talk about the concept of the cdn service in detail and about this distinctive service in an important way for sites to speed up their browsing in a flexible and easy way for visitors. This service is for the benefit of your websites and blogs

CDN concept

The CDN is an abbreviated word for the Content Delivery Network, meaning a content delivery network. This network consists of several powerful and fast servers distributed on the Internet in different regions of the world and connected to each other. Most of these servers are located in the United States of America, as there are hosting companies that provide this service with high quality on Globally, I would also like to point out that most of the famous sites, Google, Yahoo and Youtube, use this service because, as you know, its visitors are in the millions.

The role of the CDN

The role played by the CDN content delivery network service is to make the content of the site in the nearest geographical location to the visitor, i.e. the closest server that exists in the world for a visitor, and the purpose of this is to reduce the resulting delay in transmitting data to the visitor and reduce pressure on the server. Of course, these servers save static files, such as html pages, CSS format files, images, Javascript files, etc. We give an example to understand the method more

Suppose that the site is hosted by servers located in the United States of America and the visitor is from North Africa here. The content on the servers located in the United States will not be displayed, but the content will be displayed from a server located in the nearest point to the visitor, for example, let’s assume that from Morocco the content will be displayed from the nearest point depending on the presence The servers of the CDN, that is, content from Europe will be shown, and these are the closest places to Morocco, due to the lack of this service in Africa, as far as I know, and God knows best

This is an illustration

cdn explain - WordPress Magazine

The network distribution is not actually as in the picture, it remains illustrative only, and there is also a difference according to the service provider, i.e. the specialized companies. Each company puts its servers in places according to its desire, and God knows best

The best sites that provide this service

Here we will first address the sites that offer this service for free, of course, because the free services are the ones that are popular, even if they do not contain all the advantages of the paid ones, and the latter may be somewhat expensive for sites and microblogging


cloudflare services - WordPress Magazine

This service I am currently using and it is the best ever in the free CDN services. You will not only need to register on their site and take some steps to change the DNS and also you will need to add one if you are using WordPress to give you the original number of the IP’s of the commenters We will let the explanation of this service for an upcoming post God willing, and talk about the important settings in detail

Visit CloudFlare’s website

Speedy Mirror

speedy mirror service - WordPress Magazine

I have not used this service before, but it may also be useful. According to what I read on one of the sites, their free servers are not protected from spam messages. In this case, you will have to use a premium account other than cloudflare, which blocks spam messages permanently.

Visit Speedy Mirror

Coral CDN Service

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It is a free peer-to-peer content delivery service consisting of web proxies and domain names. That is, it allows you to run the site with high performance and speed as well. In fact, I tried it once, and of course I didn’t like it

Visit Coral . websiteAs for the sites that offer a paid CDN content delivery service, I will mention only two sites that have a wide reputation in this field and also have a good reputation

Amazon CloudFront

cloudfront amazon - wordpress magazine

It is a service provided by Amazon from among the many services it provides. This service is specialized in CDN, where Amazon provides the infrastructure and environment necessary to create a content delivery unit through the S3 service provided by Amazon. Whereas, when you subscribe to CloudFront and want to create a new CDN, you must be already subscribed to the S3 (Simple Storage) service provided by Amazon for file storage. You can then create a new content delivery unit. Of course I did not try it, the service is paid, God help us

Visit Amazon CloudFront


maxcdn - WordPress Magazine

One of the sites that excel in this field due to its wide popularity with foreign sites and the ease of dealing with them, as well as having affordable prices, and the field of content delivery CDN is its specialty

Visit the MaxCDN website

And in the end, this is all I have for the CDN service. If you know something that I missed, let me know with a comment. If there is any question, please put a comment? And don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list, thank you very much

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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